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Baltimore Jazzscapes I & II 

CD covers conceived, designed & photographed by © Lubow:

photographs only by © Lubow:

Victim advocate Marie Shifflett with granddaughter Stephanie–

A line in the Sand Exhibit (presented by House of Ruth, 2007)

Baltimore Magazine, March 2016 -- Vanessa Rubin w/ the Don Braden Quartet

Lafayette Gilchrist photo shoot

A shot of Baltimore's own Lafayette Gilchrist (Assume the Position, The Wire), appearing in Sight Readings, Photographers and American Jazz, 1900-60, The University of Chicago Press, by Alan Ainsworth (2022) at 326.  

Photo shoot at An die Musik, Baltimore City, 2004.  (From Chapter 10, Looking Back, Looking Forward, Jazz Photography after 1960 at 326.)

Lafayette's second album with Hyena, 2004 (photo only)

Jazziz, March 2004

Select Urbanite Shots (pop-up images):

from Tribute Home Care Shoot:

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