The many faces of the Honorable William Donald Schaefer

In 2008, I participated in the House of Ruth exhibit, “A Line in the Sand.”  (Thank you, Sande Riesett.) The exhibit traveled throughout Maryland for over a year, and featured 20 interpretive portraits & essays of subjects whose efforts helped further the fight against domestic violence. I photographed several subjects, one of whom was William Donald Schaefer (1921-2011), the 45th Mayor of Baltimore City (1971-87) and the 58th Governor of Maryland (1987-95).  While a headshot is created for marketing, a portrait is created to capture a trait, a defining moment, a part of one's character, or in some cases, the subject's essence.  Usually, a portrait session will yield no more than three or four different "faces."  Governor Schaefer on the other hand well lived up to his reputation for quirkiness and charisma by giving me the many faces shown below.  (I chose the first for the exhibit.) Suffice it to state, the entire experience was a hoot.  

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